In Spanish Jornaleros is the name given to a person that works and gets paid each day for their labor.  Typically is used to describe the labor of the field workers or people who work the construction field. We invite Young Adults and all Jóvenes to embrace a Jornalero lifestyle, each day we are invited to build the Kingdom of God wherever we are.  With Christ as our example, Mary our protector and our patron saints as our friends in the journey we can make God's love known to all we encounter. 

Our Objective - Nuestro Objetivo

Jornaleros Ministry is a Social Entrepreneurship Apostolate that fosters social enterprises in the Catholic Church lead by Young Adults that invite their peers to become protagonist in the Church and Society! Nourished by the Eucharist, guided by the Sacred Heart of Jesus and with the intercession of our Patron Saints. Young Adults are invited to pray for the Holy Father, their local Church, governance and be the change.   

¡El Ministerio Jornaleros es un Apostolado de emprendimiento social que fomenta las acciones de justicia social en la Iglesia católica lideradas por adultos jóvenes, que invitan a sus compañeros a convertirse en protagonistas de la Iglesia y la Sociedad!  Nutridos por la Eucaristía, jóvenes adultos quedan invitados a tomar la espiritualidad del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus y pedir la intercesión de nuestros Santos Patronos.  Especialmente pedir por el Santo Padre, la Iglesia local, nuestros gobernantes y ser el cambio positivo necesario en la sociedad. 


Alex Barraza

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